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Trust - Having the conviction to always conduct business with integrity. We will never just tell you what you want to hear. We commit to not just hearing you, but listening to you. We will have the courage to always tell you the truth. No used car salesman tactics here.


Passion – Love what we do. From initial blueprints to general home maintenance, we enjoy every aspect of the real estate ecosystem. We love our communities, we love Michigan and we want our customers to love where they live too. We’re always up for talking about our favorite West Michigan beach towns and breweries too, just ask us!


Growth – Every member of our team must be committed to continuous learning and growth, both professionally and personally. We will constantly look for new and improved ways of serving our customers. We believe in the mantra, never stop learning – even when it comes to our golf swing.


Care – We promise to always take our customers’ business seriously, but never ourselves. We will never speak with acronyms or code words. We will always look for ways to teach and build those around us and our world up. No matter what your circumstances are, we’re here to help – no judgment.