Get Ready To Sell Your Home | Tips from the Experts at HomeCraft Team

Whether you're retiring, recently got a new job in another location, or it's time for a change, selling your home can be exciting. However, to get ready to sell your home—even if you're mentally prepared—many steps exist in the process. 

Follow these expert tips from the HomeCraft Team to help you prepare your home for the selling process.

Tip One: Price Your Home Properly

The first tip to get ready to sell your home is to ensure you're pricing it properly. Many factors influence how you should price your home, including: 

  • The style of your home
  • If it has a mortgage 
  • The overall condition, including appearance and practical factors like if its electrical system is up to code
  • Any add-on features like a pool or garden

Many homeowners undergo renovations before deciding to sell their homes. Some tricks can also help you sell your home for more than your asking price too. For example, if your home has a value of $500,000, pricing it at $490,000 can be enough to attract more potential buyers. 

You should also work with a real estate agent in Plymouth, MI, like the HomeCraft Team, to ensure you're selling your home at the right price.

Tip Two: Take Top Quality Photography

While you can't order a house on Amazon, home buyers usually begin their house shopping online before scheduling a house tour. 

You want to have high-quality pictures of your home, as well as video footage for a virtual tour. Our professional crew at HomeCraft Team can snap pictures of your home's most attractive angles. We also use drones to capture high-quality video footage. 

Top-quality pictures alone won't sell a home, but they can get a buyer interested.

Tip Three: Be Realistic About the Price

It's easy to overprice a home, especially if you put a lot of time and effort into its renovations or upgrades. However, you should always be realistic about the price and be willing to negotiate and compromise. 

External factors like the housing market and buyer competition can also impact your home's selling value. Sometimes it's even better to wait to sell your home. The right time of year can help you gain a better return on investment (ROI). 

Know your buyer also—for example, does your home appeal to people with more traditional tastes, or does your home have a more contemporary style?

Tip Four: Stage Your Home Properly

In today's digital world, properly staging your home is a huge factor to create the most interest. With a few quick keystrokes, buyers can easily look through dozens of homes. Sellers only have a short window to grab and retain a person's attention, and this is where staging matters. 

While high-quality photos are crucial, you also need to account for factors like your home's setup. Certain colors, furnishing pairings, and even furniture angles can influence a house's appearance. 

These factors can be subjective, but it's still smart to work with an interior designer and professional photographer. You may even want to do minor upgrades, like repainting a room or adding a couple more furnishings or furniture pieces.

Tip Five: Find the Right Real Estate Agency

Selling a home can be tough and hard to determine if you're pricing your home correctly. Making your home appealing to the right market or determining whether you need additional renovations are just a few of the factors to consider. 

However, working with the right Plymouth, MI real estate agent makes the process a lot less stressful. You want an agency that works with you from start to completion. The right agency helps you manage expectations while showing you ways to improve your home's ROI. 

At HomeCraft Team, our expert real estate agents can assist you every step of the way. We can properly stage your home and use traditional and modern marketing techniques to interest more potential buyers.

Your Real Estate Team | HomeCraft Team in Plymouth, Michigan

Many factors determine a home's selling success on the market. While some home sellers can take a proactive approach and handle a lot themselves, they might be leaving money on the table. To get the most out of your home, it's best to work with a professional team that can walk you through the entire process. 


At HomeCraft Team, our professional real estate agents bring over 40 years of experience helping home buyers and sellers throughout the southeast Michigan communities. With our assistance, you can get ready to sell your home by calling us today at (734) 329-0123!