Looking To Sell A Home In 2023?

With the potential for post-pandemic economic uncertainty, you may be hesitant to sell a home in 2023. That’s completely understandable, but here’s the good news: Current trends indicate that while it may take a little longer than usual to sell, it’s still possible if you work with the right Real Estate agent.

It can be hard to find the best Real Estate agent to sell your home. Your home is special to you, and you want to work with a Real Estate agent who cares.

The trusted Real Estate agency in Plymouth, MI, is HomeCraft Team. We will guide you every step of the way to improve your return on investment and sell your home to get you the best price possible. 

How The Market in 2023 Is Different

Due to recent inflation, mortgage rates have skyrocketed, and the housing market could be trending toward a recession. Even with these changes, financially stable buyers are still out there, and it is possible to sell your home in 2023.

The best way to sell your home is always through a Real Estate agent. Our professional team at HomeCraft Team will walk you through every step of the process to make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Whether it's the current market or another change in the near future, our team will adapt and thrive for you when you sell your home with our team.

We are here to help and we look forward to helping you sell your house. Start the process by valuing your home.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Home in 2023

To sell a home in 2023 and get the best possible price, you should use a Real Estate agent. A knowledgeable Real Estate agent knows how to move listings even when the market is slow. A good agent will use marketing strategies and price your home competitively for a quick and successful sale for all involved.

While selling to an iBuyer may be the fastest option, it won’t bring you the highest offer.

You could try selling your home yourself. The “for sale by owner” approach typically works best if you already have an interested buyer. You may have to negotiate with a friend or relative who wants to buy your home, which can be uncomfortable. Start your journey with our Real Estate team for the best results.

How To Prepare For Selling A Home In 2023

Don’t get ahead of yourself and list your home before it’s ready. Get a whole-home inspection so you know ahead of time what repairs a potential buyer could request. You can decide whether or not to make repairs before listing your home. Anything you put off repairing will factor into the selling price.

Without good photos, potential buyers won’t get the proper feel for your home and may be less likely to make an offer. When taking photos and videos of your home, stage each room to look clean and subtly decorated. Quality photos in the listing will help draw interest from buyers.

You don’t have to lug furniture around to stage your home. Instead, you can pay for virtual staging and stage your home digitally.

Sell Your Home Near Plymouth, MI | HomeCraft Team

If you want to sell a home in 2023, you need an experienced Real Estate agent in your corner who knows modern marketing techniques and understands the local industry.

The “for sale by owner” route might seem tempting, but it’s deceptively simple, and you likely won’t get the best price. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort yourself to sell your home.

For the best results and the best price, use a qualified Real Estate agency like the HomeCraft Team. We have 40 years of experience helping sellers in southeast Michigan sell their homes for top dollar.

HomeCraft Team | Trusted Real Estate Agency in Plymouth, MI

No matter what the market looks like, the dependable, caring Real Estate agents with HomeCraft Team will sell your home with their proven system. We offer a streamlined experience to sell your home in an acceptable amount of time at a price you want.

To sell a home in 2023 with the top Plymouth, Michigan Real Estate agents, call HomeCraft Team at (734) 329-0123.