Plymouth, MI, is a terrific town full of fantastic homes perfect for single individuals or large families. However, with so many types of homes for sale in Plymouth, MI, finding one that best suits your needs and style isn’t always easy. Fortunately, HomeCraft Team put together some popular Plymouth home types to help you find your next home swiftly and efficiently.

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Townhouses for Sale in Plymouth, MI

Townhouses have experienced a surge in popularity over the last few years. Townhouses are multi-story homes sharing one or two walls with a neighboring property. Most feature a small front and backyard and are most common in urban areas with high populations. That said, townhouses are becoming more prevalent in suburban communities and smaller towns as well.

Townhouses in Plymouth can be more affordable than traditional homes and may require less maintenance. Some even feature a gym, clubhouse, or pool, giving you more amenities for a cheaper rate.

However, many townhouses feature a HOA (Homeowners Association), so keep this in mind when buying. 

Historical Homes for Sale in Plymouth, MI

As the name suggests, historical homes are residences with rich histories monitored by the Natural Park Services. However, not every old Plymouth residence qualifies as a historic home. It must be 50 years old or older and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Must connect to a major historical event
  • Must connect to a significant historical individual
  • Must be considered an embodiment of a specific historical style or master
  • Must provide or have previously supplied crucial historical information

Many history buffs enjoy owning historical properties and preserving their pasts. However, buying a historical home is often more difficult than purchasing a traditional house due to the high demand for upkeep.

It’s best to talk to a mortgage lender beforehand to ensure you have the proper financing before making an offer for historic homes.

Single-Family Homes for Sale in Plymouth, MI

Single-family homes are one of the most common types of homes for sale in Plymouth, MI. Although the U.S. Census Bureau classifies some townhomes as single-family residences, most people know them as dwellings detached from other properties.

Unlike townhome owners, single-family homeowners own the property’s interior and exterior. They function as individual residences and don’t share utilities or fixtures with other properties. Single-family homes operate independently and put more responsibility on the owner.

Single-family homes are perfect for Plymouth residents wanting more freedom and privacy. However, most cost more than other homes for sale and may require more maintenance. Despite their expensive prices and high maintenance demands, single-family homes are a wonderful option for budding families starting their next chapter in life.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Plymouth, MI

Luxury homes are ritzy residences that carry an expensive price tag. They typically cost $2 million to $40 million, but there isn’t a set rate for homes to qualify as luxury. They are the top ten percent of homes listed on the market and are usually at least twice the size of traditional single-family residences.

Many luxury homes are in or near sought-after locations, like golf courses, waterfront, or top-rated schools. They feature several high-quality amenities that other residences don’t offer.

Although the demand for luxury homes and mansions experienced a rapid decline before the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve recently experienced a surge in popularity. A HomeCraft Team realtor in Plymouth can help you find a first-class luxury home that matches your unique style and needs.

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