You probably know about traditional ranch homes and have an idea of how they look. Originating in the 1920s, this style’s popularity burgeoned following World War II, with gorgeous large windows, sliding doors, and low roofs becoming hallmarks of middle-class stability. Still, how did a ranch-style home become such a popular architectural choice today, and could it be ideal for your family?

HomeCraft Team specializes in helping Plymouth, MI residents find the perfect property to call home. Our experience has shown us that the diverse shapes of ranch-style homes cater to families of all sizes, so read on to learn more.

Defining Features of Ranch-Style Homes

What features define a ranch-style home? These houses have a few defining features as follows:

  • One story: Ranch homes span a single, but sprawling level, so there are no staircases. 
  • U or L-shapes: Most ranch-style homes have asymmetrical shapes. Unlike many other home styles that incorporate symmetry, ranch homes often feature a long and a short side. 
  • Open concept: A ranch home might blend a dining room or kitchen with a living room.
  • Minimalist interior: Ranch homes don’t typically feature ornate designs or embellishments. Instead, they have plain, minimal designs, leaving room for decorative flourishes. 

Benefits of Owning a Ranch-Style Home

A house is just a house, right? Not quite. Each style has pros and cons, including the old and new ranch homes in Plymouth, MI.

What sets a ranch-style home apart?

  • No stairways: You’ll never need stairs to access any part of the ranch home’s single-story floor area. Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze.
  • Easy maintenance: Tasks like pressure washing, house painting, and roof repairs are much easier for ranch homes There’s no climbing wobbly ladders to wash windows. 
  • Open floor plans: Move furniture and keep the interior clean with open, versatile floor plans. 

Types of Ranch-Style Homes

With various types of ranch homes for sale, common varieties include the following:

  • Suburban: This compact L-shaped style features a large garage door and a small sprawl for the main house.
  • Raised: Raised styles may require staircases. They feature a generous, basement-level living space with upper-level main rooms.
  • Storybook: Storybook style features ornate details like diamond-shaped window panels and frilled roofing, which make it look like a fairytale home.
  • California: The charming California ranch house sports a comfortable front patio and low-to-the-ground build.
  • Split-level: A split-level ranch home offers the most space, with three stories.

New Ranch Homes in Plymouth, MI

The Plymouth, MI area features numerous ranch-style homes for sale in various shapes and sizes. Plymouth itself offers an excellent environment in which to raise a family, combining small-town charm with numerous attractions and opportunities to network and learn. Why not harness the design benefits of that ranch-style house you’ve always wanted within the close-knit Plymouth, MI, community? 

Most ranch-style homes have up to four bedrooms and two to three bathrooms, ensuring ample space for privacy and families to move, grow, and thrive. In that way, a beautiful ranch home offers everything you need.

Partnering With HomeCraft Team To Find Your Dream Ranch-Style Home

Are you ready to place an offer on the property of your dreams in Plymouth, Michigan, or the surrounding areas? HomeCraft Team includes experienced real estate agents eager to help you find the best deals and settle into your exciting new chapter in life! 

Our team makes the buying and selling process much easier for families of all sizes. For example, some of our preferred services include the following:

  • Allocating quality homes, including ranch homes
  • Selling and promoting residential properties
  • Helping buyers find something that matches their budget and needs

Making Your Ranch Style Home Dreams Come True With HomeCraft Team

Where there’s family and the right perspective, you can make any house a home, but why settle for less when you could step into the ranch-style life and make it your own? Let’s finalize a sale on that stylish, comfortable, and, of course, sprawling ranch-style home for you and your family to enjoy for a while! If you’d like to kickstart your journey as a homeowner who has finally found the house they’ve always wanted, be sure to get in touch with HomeCraft Team by calling 734-329-0123 today!