The Power of Bedroom Staging Strategies 

When selling a home, there are two main goals each homeowner tries to hit: moving the property quickly and obtaining an offer that matches or surpasses the asking price.  

HomeCraft Team’s Plymouth MI professionals bring over 40 years of combined experience to the table. Can we help you improve the curb appeal of your listing? Yes, and a great sales strategy increases listing views, increases exposure for your home, and shortens your property’s time on the market.  

Anything from current market trends to your home’s aesthetics can prolong the selling process. However, if you believe the latter is holding you back, you might want to consider the following bedroom staging strategies.

Unveiling the Top Bedroom Staging Techniques | Boosting House Appeal 

When conducting a house staging job, the idea is to create a space that potential buyers can see themselves living in. A neat room allows viewers a glimpse of all the bedroom features without obstruction. Consider using minimalism as a baseline, such as implementing a closet organizer or removing clutter from furniture surfaces so others can imagine their stuff in that space.  

It’s also easier for potential homebuyers to visualize their own home with neutral wall colors. Bright hues won’t go with everyone’s furniture or style.  Additionally, ideas to alter your furniture layout include the following: 

  • Swap old furniture for an attractive set 
  • Move furniture around to create a better flow 
  • Highlight a functional work-from-home space  

The Impact of Light and Space | Key Elements in Bedroom Staging 

Homes with high ceilings and large square footage often sell faster due to the space these features provide to homes in Michigan. However, for those who do not have these types of features to rely on, it’s best to create an illusion. For example, consider strategically placing mirrors in certain areas to visually extend your room’s perimeters. 

Why not move furniture to open floor space? Appropriate lighting also creates a more welcoming environment. Stage recessed lighting and nightstand lamps to influence the room’s ambiance, and don’t forget natural light.

Selling My Home | How Proper House Staging Speeds Up the Process

Effective bedroom staging strategies don’t always have to include expensive renovations or purchasing a new bedroom set to increase clicks when “selling my home.” Sometimes, minor tactics are just as effective. You might consider clearing away clothes piles, placing throw pillows on the bed, or adding an area rug to make the room feel comfortable or homey. 

Remember, the more that potential buyers like what they see, the better the offers you’ll receive in Michigan’s housing market. Where you rival other homeowners selling in your area, these simple staging choices improve your chances of selling faster and, even in a slow market, could increase the potential property value beyond your asking price.  


Expert Insights from a Michigan Realtor | Bedroom Staging Done Right 

When you stage a bedroom, any Michigan realtor can tell you the effect you want to give happens in the details. For instance, when improving lighting in your home, LED bulbs prove cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They’ll show potential buyers how they can save money with the equipment you have already installed.  

Are you upgrading your entire lighting system? Choose smart or programmable lighting for convenience and modernity. Many new homebuyers prefer these updated systems. 

One tip that hasn’t changed in decades is to leverage natural lighting as a unique selling point. Large windows could reduce energy bills and make any room look bigger, so don’t pass on the opportunity to highlight them. 

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Understandably, of the many tactics that our Michigan sellers use to unload their properties to eager buyers, house staging beats installing new HVAC and plumbing systems or roof repairs. It spices up online listings and brings more potential buyers to your open-house events. 

Of course, staging a home for sale is far easier with trusted Michigan real estate agents like HomeCraft Team in Plymouth, MI. Why not let us help with everything from packing services to photos, videos, and drone footage for social media? We also create Zillow 3D tours after implementing bedroom staging strategies, so call us at 734-531-7366 today to meet the team! 

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