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Sept. 11, 2023

Real Estate Terms 101 | General Real Estate Terms

Throughout the homebuying process, you’ll encounter unfamiliar jargon that industry professionals don’t even think twice about using. If you’re starting a search or entering negotiations, you want to understand what your agent or other parties mean by the general real estate terms thrown around. 

Can you translate the conversation to avoid interrupting a deal? If not, HomeCraft Team shares real estate terms useful for buying or selling a home in Plymouth, Michigan, or anywhere else. Decode your real estate agent using the glossary below. 

What Is Real Estate?

The term real estate commonly refers to the buying and selling of property. The experience is anything but straightforward since a property changing hands has various implications.

Real estate players include the following:


  • Real estate agent: Helps clients buy or sell properties at a fair price. 
  • Broker: Holds a managerial position within a real estate company.
  • Borrower: Borrows money for a home purchase from a financial entity. For example, whether you’re buying a condo or one of the new ranch homes in Plymouth, MI, you may need to borrow money to cover the required down payment.

Understanding General Real Estate Terms

What are some of the most frequently used terms in the real estate industry? 


  • Contingency: Before accepting an offer or signing a deed, you want the other party to meet some contingencies. A legally binding contract depends on these conditions.
  • Deed: As the legally binding document that transfers ownership from one person to another, the deed of sale puts your name down as the official owner of the house.
  • Due diligence: These checks take place before signing a contract. For example, you might research the property’s roofing or pipe system before agreeing to purchase it. 

Decoding Financial Real Estate Terms

Next, let’s explore some common financial terms that often come up for home purchasing. 


  • Amortization: This term refers to the tracking of your mortgage payments over time. 
  • APR: The annual percentage rate shows how much your loan costs you each year. 
  • Jumbo loan: These loan sums are often bigger than the home’s selling price.
  • Balloon payment: When you pay the final amount owed on your loan in a single sum, you make a balloon payment. 
  • Bankruptcy: If you can’t repay your debts, you file for bankruptcy. Legally, bankruptcy carries hefty consequences for your financial health. 



Navigating Listing Real Estate Terms

Have you been browsing properties or uploading your property on a selling platform? These listings often include the following general real estate terms:


  • Appraisal: Determines a property’s value following extensive inspections and reports. 
  • Conventional sale: Refers to selling properties with no further mortgage payments owed on them.  
  • Comparable sales: Indicates the price listed for a property based on similar properties in the area. Since selling agents determine the value based on comparisons, they refer to it as a comparable sale.
  • Foreclosure: When a property owner can no longer make mortgage payments, the loan forecloses.

Making Sense of Offers and Contingencies

If you’re already playing the real estate game, there’s probably a lot going on. Discover the language frequently used during the selling process below.


  • Back-up offer: Sometimes, a property you want already has a desirable offer on the table. Why not make a back-up offer on another property you like in case the first falls through?
  • Blind offer: If you make an offer on a property without viewing it, you’ve made a blind offer. 
  • Seller concessions: Some sellers increase their pool of buyers by sweetening the purchase deal. These perks are called seller concessions. 

Exploring Types of Homes With HomeCraft Team

How can HomeCraft Team help you today? Our extensive real estate expertise may come in handy if you’re thinking about purchasing one of the following types of properties in Michigan:

  • Townhouses: These properties typically have multiple levels in a tall but compact building that’s often within a complex.
  • Historical homes: Homes with historical significance or antiquated architectural styles often carry added value among buyers.
  • Single-family homes: These houses are large enough to comfortably house one family. They aren’t connected to other buildings. 
  • Luxury homes: Custom features and premium materials make luxury homes desirable.

Partnering With HomeCraft Team for Your Real Estate Needs

Whether you want to learn general real estate terms or explore our current listing, the HomeCraft Team can help. Call 734-531-7493 today!

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Sept. 11, 2023

What is a Ranch-Style Home?


You probably know about traditional ranch homes and have an idea of how they look. Originating in the 1920s, this style’s popularity burgeoned following World War II, with gorgeous large windows, sliding doors, and low roofs becoming hallmarks of middle-class stability. Still, how did a ranch-style home become such a popular architectural choice today, and could it be ideal for your family?

HomeCraft Team specializes in helping Plymouth, MI residents find the perfect property to call home. Our experience has shown us that the diverse shapes of ranch-style homes cater to families of all sizes, so read on to learn more.

Defining Features of Ranch-Style Homes

What features define a ranch-style home? These houses have a few defining features as follows:

  • One story: Ranch homes span a single, but sprawling level, so there are no staircases. 
  • U or L-shapes: Most ranch-style homes have asymmetrical shapes. Unlike many other home styles that incorporate symmetry, ranch homes often feature a long and a short side. 
  • Open concept: A ranch home might blend a dining room or kitchen with a living room.
  • Minimalist interior: Ranch homes don’t typically feature ornate designs or embellishments. Instead, they have plain, minimal designs, leaving room for decorative flourishes. 

Benefits of Owning a Ranch-Style Home

A house is just a house, right? Not quite. Each style has pros and cons, including the old and new ranch homes in Plymouth, MI.

What sets a ranch-style home apart?

  • No stairways: You’ll never need stairs to access any part of the ranch home’s single-story floor area. Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze.
  • Easy maintenance: Tasks like pressure washing, house painting, and roof repairs are much easier for ranch homes There’s no climbing wobbly ladders to wash windows. 
  • Open floor plans: Move furniture and keep the interior clean with open, versatile floor plans. 

Types of Ranch-Style Homes

With various types of ranch homes for sale, common varieties include the following:

  • Suburban: This compact L-shaped style features a large garage door and a small sprawl for the main house.
  • Raised: Raised styles may require staircases. They feature a generous, basement-level living space with upper-level main rooms.
  • Storybook: Storybook style features ornate details like diamond-shaped window panels and frilled roofing, which make it look like a fairytale home.
  • California: The charming California ranch house sports a comfortable front patio and low-to-the-ground build.
  • Split-level: A split-level ranch home offers the most space, with three stories.

New Ranch Homes in Plymouth, MI

The Plymouth, MI area features numerous ranch-style homes for sale in various shapes and sizes. Plymouth itself offers an excellent environment in which to raise a family, combining small-town charm with numerous attractions and opportunities to network and learn. Why not harness the design benefits of that ranch-style house you’ve always wanted within the close-knit Plymouth, MI, community? 

Most ranch-style homes have up to four bedrooms and two to three bathrooms, ensuring ample space for privacy and families to move, grow, and thrive. In that way, a beautiful ranch home offers everything you need.

Partnering With HomeCraft Team To Find Your Dream Ranch-Style Home

Are you ready to place an offer on the property of your dreams in Plymouth, Michigan, or the surrounding areas? HomeCraft Team includes experienced real estate agents eager to help you find the best deals and settle into your exciting new chapter in life! 

Our team makes the buying and selling process much easier for families of all sizes. For example, some of our preferred services include the following:

  • Allocating quality homes, including ranch homes
  • Selling and promoting residential properties
  • Helping buyers find something that matches their budget and needs

Making Your Ranch Style Home Dreams Come True With HomeCraft Team

Where there’s family and the right perspective, you can make any house a home, but why settle for less when you could step into the ranch-style life and make it your own? Let’s finalize a sale on that stylish, comfortable, and, of course, sprawling ranch-style home for you and your family to enjoy for a while! If you’d like to kickstart your journey as a homeowner who has finally found the house they’ve always wanted, be sure to get in touch with HomeCraft Team by calling 734-329-0123 today!


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July 12, 2023

Navigating the 2023 Real Estate Market | Key Insights for Home Sellers

When you’re selling your home, you need to understand the 2023 Real Estate market if you want to maximize incoming offers and your potential profit. The realtors at HomeCraft Team in Plymouth, Michigan are highly trained and experienced and can help you navigate the market and manage your expectations.

Whether the market is hot or cold, a good Real Estate agent can help you achieve the best offer for your home. Our team can help you every step of the way, making the process less stressful. If you’re selling your home, partner with HomeCraft Team today.

Overview of the 2023 Michigan Real Estate Market 

Statewide, Michigan is experiencing an 8.3% drop in available houses and a 16.2% drop in newly listed homes for sale. While 46% of houses are still selling above the asking price, the statistic presents a 10-point drop year-over-year. Migration trends continue to even out at a net zero.

While fewer houses are available, the market is also less competitive, meaning that most buyers require professional help to stand out. Within Plymouth, sale prices are growing at around 23%, the fifth fastest in Michigan, at a median sale price of $423k. Homes are selling within 25 days on average.

Inflation is the biggest factor in a slower housing market, but stable buyers are still looking to purchase homes. 

Preparing Your Home for Sale in 2023 

To succeed in the 2023 Real Estate market, sellers must prepare their homes for sale. A Real Estate agent in Plymouth, MI, can help you market your home according to current buyer preferences.

Investing in a whole home inspection helps buyers feel confident about the home they’re purchasing and saves them money. You can put off necessary repairs, but that means buyers could offer you less.

Don’t underestimate the power of staging your home and purchasing professional photos. A clean and subtly decorated home increases interest and your chances of selling quickly and at or above your asking price.

It’s important not to price your home too high or too low. A professional Real Estate agent can price it competitively to sell quickly. 

Marketing Your Home Effectively 

Quality marketing is one of the biggest determining factors of whether a house sells quickly and for a great price. While open houses and private showings still have their place, utilizing online marketing is more important in 2023 than ever before.

Virtual staging and electronic tours allow more people to visit your home from a distance and negate the need for manipulating and changing heavy furniture. A comprehensive marketing plan, incorporating both digital and traditional advertising, is key to obtaining favorable results.

Even with a high-powered marketing plan, most sellers lack the proper network and connections to get their homes in front of interested buyers. When you partner with an expert realtor, they mobilize their network to maximize your home’s sale potential.

Navigating the Selling Process 

When you sell a home in Plymouth, Michigan in 2023, expect the sale to take around a month. Before that time, your agent will spend some time helping you stage the home and making any necessary repairs after the inspection. 

At HomeCraft Team, our Real Estate agents are well-versed in negotiations and handling offers and always have your best interest as our top priority. If an offer seems low, we can help the buyer understand the reasons for the asking price and potentially convince them to offer a better price.

When you work with our Real Estate agents, we make the negotiation process smooth and easier to handle. Avoid the stress of an emotionally charged back-and-forth negotiation, and let us help.

Partnering with a Trusted Plymouth, Michigan Real Estate Agent 

With a slowing 2023 Real Estate market, you need a local expert that advocates in your best interest. When you need a Real Estate agent near Novi, MI, and the surrounding communities, the HomeCraft Team can support your sale every step of the way.

Don’t take our word for it; your neighbors already know why we’re the agency to call. Whether it’s Google, Facebook, or Zillow, we have over 100 five-star reviews. We want you to be our next satisfied customer. Contact HomeCraft Team at (734) 329-0123 to start the process.

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June 14, 2023

Types of Homes for Sale in Plymouth, MI

Plymouth, MI, is a terrific town full of fantastic homes perfect for single individuals or large families. However, with so many types of homes for sale in Plymouth, MI, finding one that best suits your needs and style isn’t always easy. Fortunately, HomeCraft Team put together some popular Plymouth home types to help you find your next home swiftly and efficiently.

HomeCraft Team is one of Plymouth, MI’s leading real estate agencies. If you need help finding a home in Plymouth, MI, and need experienced realtors that always prioritize your needs, start your home-buying process with our team at HomeCraft Team.

Townhouses for Sale in Plymouth, MI

Townhouses have experienced a surge in popularity over the last few years. Townhouses are multi-story homes sharing one or two walls with a neighboring property. Most feature a small front and backyard and are most common in urban areas with high populations. That said, townhouses are becoming more prevalent in suburban communities and smaller towns as well.

Townhouses in Plymouth can be more affordable than traditional homes and may require less maintenance. Some even feature a gym, clubhouse, or pool, giving you more amenities for a cheaper rate.

However, many townhouses feature a HOA (Homeowners Association), so keep this in mind when buying. 

Historical Homes for Sale in Plymouth, MI

As the name suggests, historical homes are residences with rich histories monitored by the Natural Park Services. However, not every old Plymouth residence qualifies as a historic home. It must be 50 years old or older and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Must connect to a major historical event
  • Must connect to a significant historical individual
  • Must be considered an embodiment of a specific historical style or master
  • Must provide or have previously supplied crucial historical information

Many history buffs enjoy owning historical properties and preserving their pasts. However, buying a historical home is often more difficult than purchasing a traditional house due to the high demand for upkeep.

It’s best to talk to a mortgage lender beforehand to ensure you have the proper financing before making an offer for historic homes.

Single-Family Homes for Sale in Plymouth, MI

Single-family homes are one of the most common types of homes for sale in Plymouth, MI. Although the U.S. Census Bureau classifies some townhomes as single-family residences, most people know them as dwellings detached from other properties.

Unlike townhome owners, single-family homeowners own the property’s interior and exterior. They function as individual residences and don’t share utilities or fixtures with other properties. Single-family homes operate independently and put more responsibility on the owner.

Single-family homes are perfect for Plymouth residents wanting more freedom and privacy. However, most cost more than other homes for sale and may require more maintenance. Despite their expensive prices and high maintenance demands, single-family homes are a wonderful option for budding families starting their next chapter in life.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Plymouth, MI

Luxury homes are ritzy residences that carry an expensive price tag. They typically cost $2 million to $40 million, but there isn’t a set rate for homes to qualify as luxury. They are the top ten percent of homes listed on the market and are usually at least twice the size of traditional single-family residences.

Many luxury homes are in or near sought-after locations, like golf courses, waterfront, or top-rated schools. They feature several high-quality amenities that other residences don’t offer.

Although the demand for luxury homes and mansions experienced a rapid decline before the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve recently experienced a surge in popularity. A HomeCraft Team realtor in Plymouth can help you find a first-class luxury home that matches your unique style and needs.

Find Your Plymouth, MI, Home | HomeCraft Realty

Finding the perfect home can be exciting. Explore your options and find your dream property by partnering with reliable professionals.

Home buying in Plymouth, MI, is easier than ever, thanks to HomeCraft Team. We will help you find high-quality homes for sale in Plymouth that match your needs and expectations without surpassing your budget. Our team has vast real estate experience and can handle all your home-buying needs while providing outstanding customer service along the way.

Contact HomeCraft Team at (734) 329-0123 to start your home-buying journey today!

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May 31, 2023

Today’s Real Estate Market: The ‘Unicorns’ Have Galloped Off


Blog Image

Comparing real estate metrics from one year to another can be challenging in a normal housing market. That’s due to possible variability in the market making the comparison less meaningful or accurate. Unpredictable events can have a significant impact on the circumstances and outcomes being compared. 

Comparing this year’s numbers to the two ‘unicorn’ years we just experienced is almost worthless. By ‘unicorn,’ this is the less common definition of the word:

“Something that is greatly desired but difficult or impossible to find.” 

The pandemic profoundly changed real estate over the last few years. The demand for a home of our own skyrocketed, and people needed a home office and big backyard. 

  • Waves of first-time and second-home buyers entered the market.
  • Already low mortgage rates were driven to historic lows. 
  • The forbearance plan all but eliminated foreclosures.
  • Home values reached appreciation levels never seen before.

It was a market that forever had been “greatly desired but difficult or impossible to find.” A ‘unicorn’ year.

Now, things are getting back to normal. The ‘unicorns’ have galloped off. 

Comparing today’s market to those years makes no sense. Here are three examples: 

Buyer Demand 

If you look at the headlines, you’d think there aren’t any buyers out there. We still sell over 10,000 houses a day in the United States. Of course, buyer demand is down from the two ‘unicorn’ years. But, according to ShowingTime, if we compare it to normal years (2017-2019), we can see that buyer activity is still strong (see graph below):

Home Prices

We can’t compare today’s home price increases to the last couple of years. According to Freddie Mac, 2020 and 2021 each had historic appreciation numbers. Here’s a graph also showing the more normal years (2017-2019):

We can see that we’re returning to more normal home value increases. There were several months of minimal depreciation in the second half of 2022. However, according to Fannie Mae, the market has returned to more normal appreciation in the first quarter of this year.


There have already been some startling headlines about the percentage increases in foreclosure filings. Of course, the percentages will be up. They are increases over historically low foreclosure rates. Here’s a graph with information from ATTOM, a property data provider:

There will be an increase over the numbers of the last three years now that the moratorium on foreclosures has ended. There are homeowners who lose their home to foreclosure every year, and it’s heartbreaking for those families. But, if we put the current numbers into perspective, we’ll realize that we’re actually going back to the normal filings from 2017-2019.


Bottom Line


There will be very unsettling headlines around the housing market this year. Most will come from inappropriate comparisons to the ‘unicorn’ years. Let’s connect so you have an expert on your side to help you keep everything in proper perspective.


April 11, 2023

Real Estate Agents In Plymouth, MI

Real Estate Agents in Plymouth, MI | HomeCraft Team

When you want to buy or sell your home, you need the best Real Estate agents in Plymouth, MI. For more than 20 years, our realtors at HomeCraft Team have helped people in Plymouth buy and sell homes.

If you own a starter home that you have outgrown, we can take the hassle out of selling that property. We also work hard to find a new home to fit your needs. Whether it’s your first time buying a home or you have worked with us before, we will help you with every step of the process.

Our Process For Real Estate

We have a streamlined process to smoothly buy and sell homes of all sizes.  Our organized approach to home sales takes the guesswork out of the process for you as the seller.

When we meet with you, we will develop a price point and projected timeline for selling your home. We offer advice on how to prepare your home before listing.

During the selling process, we take on the task to have your home ready to sell, from staging your home all the way through closing. We truly make the process as easy as possible.

Buying a home through Real Estate agents in Plymouth, MI, is a pleasure when you work with us at HomeCraft Team. Our agents will work within your budget to get you into the home you have always wanted.

If you want to sell your home and buy a new one, we can handle both transactions simultaneously and with as little headache as possible.


The Value We Bring To Plymouth, Michigan

HomeCraft Team is the Real Estate agency in Plymouth, MI, that cares. We are so committed to lifting up the community that we created HomeCraft Cares, where we raise money to help families in need throughout Plymouth.

When you work with a Real Estate agency that cares about the community, you work with an agent who cares about you.

We may be a Real Estate team, but we care more about people than business. Our team always listens to your concerns and offers honest feedback. With us, you're not just another client; you're a fellow Plymouth neighbor.

Why We Are Different From Other Real Estate Agencies

HomeCraft Team is not your average Real Estate agency. Our number one concern is ensuring you are happy with the process from beginning to end. Selling your home can be stressful, and we are here to put your mind at ease.

Unlike other Real Estate agencies, we use targeted social media ads to raise awareness. This approach gets more eyes on your home and helps it sell faster.

We will fully stage your home before our photographer captures photos and video. After a magical transformation into a 3D tour, potential buyers have the opportunity to virtually view your home. When the excitement becomes more than they can handle, they will call to arrange an in-person viewing.



The HomeCraft Team Advantage

Our professionals at HomeCraft Team always put our clients first. Our agents will never intimidate you by using Real Estate lingo you don’t understand. We treat everyone with the same respect, no matter the circumstance.

We have a commitment to lifelong learning and believe personal and professional growth should never stop. We always strive to be more caring and compassionate with our work.

We also believe in going above and beyond. When the time comes to move, the last thing you have time for is cleaning the house you just sold. Fortunately, we also offer professional cleaning and packing services.

We are enthusiastic about Real Estate, Michigan, and residents of the Plymouth community. The quality of our work reflects our values

HomeCraft Team | Trusted Real Estate Agency in Plymouth, MI

If you want one of the best Real Estate agents in Plymouth, work with our experts at HomeCraft Team. We are dependable, community-oriented professionals delivering superior service.

When you sell with us, we use traditional and contemporary marketing strategies to present your home in the best way possible.

Call us at (734) 329-0123. Our experienced agents can answer every question about the buying or selling process you have without rushing you into any decisions. We can also offer a free consultation and get you on the way to buying or selling your home.

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April 10, 2023

How To Best Sell A Home In 2023

Looking To Sell A Home In 2023?

With the potential for post-pandemic economic uncertainty, you may be hesitant to sell a home in 2023. That’s completely understandable, but here’s the good news: Current trends indicate that while it may take a little longer than usual to sell, it’s still possible if you work with the right Real Estate agent.

It can be hard to find the best Real Estate agent to sell your home. Your home is special to you, and you want to work with a Real Estate agent who cares.

The trusted Real Estate agency in Plymouth, MI, is HomeCraft Team. We will guide you every step of the way to improve your return on investment and sell your home to get you the best price possible. 

How The Market in 2023 Is Different

Due to recent inflation, mortgage rates have skyrocketed, and the housing market could be trending toward a recession. Even with these changes, financially stable buyers are still out there, and it is possible to sell your home in 2023.

The best way to sell your home is always through a Real Estate agent. Our professional team at HomeCraft Team will walk you through every step of the process to make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Whether it's the current market or another change in the near future, our team will adapt and thrive for you when you sell your home with our team.

We are here to help and we look forward to helping you sell your house. Start the process by valuing your home.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Home in 2023

To sell a home in 2023 and get the best possible price, you should use a Real Estate agent. A knowledgeable Real Estate agent knows how to move listings even when the market is slow. A good agent will use marketing strategies and price your home competitively for a quick and successful sale for all involved.

While selling to an iBuyer may be the fastest option, it won’t bring you the highest offer.

You could try selling your home yourself. The “for sale by owner” approach typically works best if you already have an interested buyer. You may have to negotiate with a friend or relative who wants to buy your home, which can be uncomfortable. Start your journey with our Real Estate team for the best results.

How To Prepare For Selling A Home In 2023

Don’t get ahead of yourself and list your home before it’s ready. Get a whole-home inspection so you know ahead of time what repairs a potential buyer could request. You can decide whether or not to make repairs before listing your home. Anything you put off repairing will factor into the selling price.

Without good photos, potential buyers won’t get the proper feel for your home and may be less likely to make an offer. When taking photos and videos of your home, stage each room to look clean and subtly decorated. Quality photos in the listing will help draw interest from buyers.

You don’t have to lug furniture around to stage your home. Instead, you can pay for virtual staging and stage your home digitally.

Sell Your Home Near Plymouth, MI | HomeCraft Team

If you want to sell a home in 2023, you need an experienced Real Estate agent in your corner who knows modern marketing techniques and understands the local industry.

The “for sale by owner” route might seem tempting, but it’s deceptively simple, and you likely won’t get the best price. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort yourself to sell your home.

For the best results and the best price, use a qualified Real Estate agency like the HomeCraft Team. We have 40 years of experience helping sellers in southeast Michigan sell their homes for top dollar.

HomeCraft Team | Trusted Real Estate Agency in Plymouth, MI

No matter what the market looks like, the dependable, caring Real Estate agents with HomeCraft Team will sell your home with their proven system. We offer a streamlined experience to sell your home in an acceptable amount of time at a price you want.

To sell a home in 2023 with the top Plymouth, Michigan Real Estate agents, call HomeCraft Team at (734) 329-0123.

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March 7, 2023

Get Ready To Sell Your Home | Tips From The Experts At The HomeCraft Team

Get Ready To Sell Your Home | Tips from the Experts at HomeCraft Team

Whether you're retiring, recently got a new job in another location, or it's time for a change, selling your home can be exciting. However, to get ready to sell your home—even if you're mentally prepared—many steps exist in the process. 

Follow these expert tips from the HomeCraft Team to help you prepare your home for the selling process.

Tip One: Price Your Home Properly

The first tip to get ready to sell your home is to ensure you're pricing it properly. Many factors influence how you should price your home, including: 

  • The style of your home
  • If it has a mortgage 
  • The overall condition, including appearance and practical factors like if its electrical system is up to code
  • Any add-on features like a pool or garden

Many homeowners undergo renovations before deciding to sell their homes. Some tricks can also help you sell your home for more than your asking price too. For example, if your home has a value of $500,000, pricing it at $490,000 can be enough to attract more potential buyers. 

You should also work with a real estate agent in Plymouth, MI, like the HomeCraft Team, to ensure you're selling your home at the right price.

Tip Two: Take Top Quality Photography

While you can't order a house on Amazon, home buyers usually begin their house shopping online before scheduling a house tour. 

You want to have high-quality pictures of your home, as well as video footage for a virtual tour. Our professional crew at HomeCraft Team can snap pictures of your home's most attractive angles. We also use drones to capture high-quality video footage. 

Top-quality pictures alone won't sell a home, but they can get a buyer interested.

Tip Three: Be Realistic About the Price

It's easy to overprice a home, especially if you put a lot of time and effort into its renovations or upgrades. However, you should always be realistic about the price and be willing to negotiate and compromise. 

External factors like the housing market and buyer competition can also impact your home's selling value. Sometimes it's even better to wait to sell your home. The right time of year can help you gain a better return on investment (ROI). 

Know your buyer also—for example, does your home appeal to people with more traditional tastes, or does your home have a more contemporary style?

Tip Four: Stage Your Home Properly

In today's digital world, properly staging your home is a huge factor to create the most interest. With a few quick keystrokes, buyers can easily look through dozens of homes. Sellers only have a short window to grab and retain a person's attention, and this is where staging matters. 

While high-quality photos are crucial, you also need to account for factors like your home's setup. Certain colors, furnishing pairings, and even furniture angles can influence a house's appearance. 

These factors can be subjective, but it's still smart to work with an interior designer and professional photographer. You may even want to do minor upgrades, like repainting a room or adding a couple more furnishings or furniture pieces.

Tip Five: Find the Right Real Estate Agency

Selling a home can be tough and hard to determine if you're pricing your home correctly. Making your home appealing to the right market or determining whether you need additional renovations are just a few of the factors to consider. 

However, working with the right Plymouth, MI real estate agent makes the process a lot less stressful. You want an agency that works with you from start to completion. The right agency helps you manage expectations while showing you ways to improve your home's ROI. 

At HomeCraft Team, our expert real estate agents can assist you every step of the way. We can properly stage your home and use traditional and modern marketing techniques to interest more potential buyers.

Your Real Estate Team | HomeCraft Team in Plymouth, Michigan

Many factors determine a home's selling success on the market. While some home sellers can take a proactive approach and handle a lot themselves, they might be leaving money on the table. To get the most out of your home, it's best to work with a professional team that can walk you through the entire process. 


At HomeCraft Team, our professional real estate agents bring over 40 years of experience helping home buyers and sellers throughout the southeast Michigan communities. With our assistance, you can get ready to sell your home by calling us today at (734) 329-0123!

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March 7, 2023

5 Essential Tips for Home Buyers in 2023

Happy Home Buyers | Tips For Home Buyers | HomeCraft Team

5 Essential Tips for Home Buyers in 2023

In 2023, there are five tips for home buyers to help make the home-buying process less stressful. This guide from the HomeCraft Team will help you succeed in finding the right home. 

Whether you're looking for your dream home or want a home you can rent out as a side income, these solutions can help you on your journey. Read on to discover expert tips, including how to pick the correct Plymouth, MI real estate agency.

Tip One: Prepare Your Finances

The first tip involves preparing your finances and having a set budget in mind. The housing market is constantly changing, and many factors can affect a house's price, including: 

  • Location 
  • The style of the home
  • The condition of the home
  • Any add-on features, such as a pool 

You should save up for initial costs, including closing costs and down payments. Be sure to have good credit and, if necessary, take some extra time to build up your credit before trying to buy a home or connecting with a lender. 

Timing is also key, and the economy, interest rates, buyer competition, and more can impact how much a house may cost. A professional real estate agent from the HomeCraft Team can help determine the right time to buy a home. 

Tip Two: Understand Your Mortgage Choices

While mortgage lenders like to advertise the fact that they have many choices for home buyers, some mortgage options are better than others. 

While multiple mortgage options can be beneficial, it's better to aim for quality mortgage programs versus quantity. 

For a first-time home buyer, it's generally best to have a traditional 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. Home buyers can explore other mortgage options, but experts recommend this mortgage for first-time buyers. You should also account for certain preferences, including: 

  • If you're able to make a 3% down payment for a traditional loan 
  • If you want an adjustable-rate or fixed-rate mortgage
  • If you want to put 0% down as active military or veteran
  • If you're planning to live in a home long-term

Tip Three: Look Out for Lenders

Tips for home buyers also include knowing how to pick the right lender. When searching for homes for sale in Southeast Michigan, you should work with a trusted lender because they're a significant part of the entire process. 

Note that your credit score and whether you owe debt can impact your ability to get approved for a loan. A better credit score and less debt mean a more advantageous loan. 

Sometimes it makes more sense to wait a year or two to build up your credit and pay off any debts you have before connecting with a lender.

Tip Four: Plan Your Timeline

Just like having a set budget in place, you should also construct a set timeline. 

Several steps to buying a home exist, including getting pre-approved for a loan, making a down payment, and paying closing costs. You also need to factor in aspects like cleaning and maintenance costs and how long your mortgage plan is. 

One thing home buyers shouldn't avoid is the home inspection. Inspections can cost between $300 and $800, but these inspections can assess a home's overall quality. You can also avoid homes with problems like mold or an outdated electrical system.

Tip Five: Find the Right Real Estate Agency

Buying a home in 2023 requires a lot of time, patience, and knowledge. While home buyers should strive to educate themselves, working with the right real estate agent in Plymouth, MI, makes a huge difference. 

As illustrated by the National Association of REALTORS®, 98% of homebuyers use a real estate agency or agent to help them buy a home. However, not every real estate agent is the same. 

Look for an agency that works hard to pair buyers with the right homes and that isn’t afraid to use current technology and new buying methods to do so.

Your Real Estate Team | HomeCraft Team in Plymouth, Michigan

Buying a home can be stressful without the right team, whether you're a first-time buyer or if you've dealt with the process before. For tips for home buyers, working with the correct real estate agent is the best solution. 

At HomeCraft Team, we bring over 40 years of combined experience in pairing buyers with their dream homes. Start your journey to your new dream home by calling our office at 734-329-0123.

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April 15, 2019

Plymouth History- Bird Schools

Have you ever wondered where the name Bird School came from?

217 Ann Street- Front of Home

Our local Jim Salamay, just posted a very interesting article on his website in regards to the history of Nellie E Bird and her home in Downtown Plymouth. 

217 Ann Street was built in 1912 and was home to a very well-known Teacher and School Principal of Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCCS). Nellie E. Bird (Smith) was born on a farm in Salem Township on March 4th, 1882. After graduating from Ypsilanti High School, she received her teaching degree from Ypsilanti Normal School (now known as Eastern Michigan University) while she was employed by PCCS, she earned her Masters Degree from the University of Michigan. Mrs. Bird was married to Frederick Bird and they moved into this Plymouth home in 1917 with their 2 daughters. When the Birds moved to Plymouth, Mrs. Bird became a 5th-grade teacher at Central Grade School. Mr Bird passed away in 1922. In 1923 Mrs. Bird became the Principal of Central Grade School which was located in the same building as Plymouth High School (today is known as PARC) until 1950. Mrs. Bird also served as Principal of Starkweather School. In 1950 the Plymouth-Canton School Board voted unanimously to name the “new Elementary school” being built on Sheldon Rd after Mrs. Bird. In 1951 the Nellie E. Bird Elementary School located at 220 Sheldon Road in Plymouth was dedicated. (Go Thunderbirds!)

Mrs. Bird loved to plant a large garden and her specialty was raspberries. Many of her students stated that visiting her home on Halloween was always a delight especially since she would know most kids’ names even while wearing costumes. “She could see right through those disguises no matter what the costume”, said a former student. It was said that Mrs. Bird was very efficient, the child always came first and she was very fair with children and teachers. ” Working with her was really a delight, she was very strong on the fundamentals of education” stated by Mrs. Tanger who taught under her. Mrs. Nellie Bird passed away in 1980 and was laid to rest at the Riverside Cemetery. Mrs. Bird was definitely an asset to the Plymouth-Canton Community and her legacy will continue to live on as hundreds of students are educated at the school named in her honor year after year.

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